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So finally, after months of arguing with my insurance company, I have the full story of what SRS cost me. This does not include hotels and transportation costs:

There are a few interesting things about this. The hospital billed my insurance almost 10 times what the cost would have been if I had paid up front. Luckily, I didn't have to pay a dime for the hospital fees. Also, all fees were reduced to "usual and customary" fees (U&C). So while I was assured that I would be reimbursed at 75% (or at in network rates), I was reimbursed at 75% of U&C. As far as insurance is concerned U&C for SRS is $5006 and for anesthesia is $483. After protests and escalations I got no nowhere with the insurance company. Short of filing a lawsuit, these numbers are final. So insurance covered roughly 62% of my medical bills.

And we wonder why health insurance is messed up in this country.
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Everyone's favorite topic!
Hi! So, recently I decided to withdraw from my university to focus on my emotional well-being. I forgot the small detail of being rendered insurance-less! I'm currently in Chicago, but I'm moving back to Santa Cruz, CA in the beginning of December. Does anyone know of how to get insured while being employed just part-time. I'm really unfamiliar with the whole process of insurance. Any and all resources are appreciated. Thanks!


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 So I was wondering...

  If you own a car or a house, and you change your name, do you need to get a new title or deed? Or do you keep the old one, and your name change order, and show both whenever you sell/insure/borrow against your property? Does it matter?

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CareCredit Question

For those of you who have had experience with Care Credit, my friend is willing to take out a loan for me due to my horrible credit standing. I was curious if anyone knew if he could apply for Care Credit in his name but still put the funds towards my surgery? Also, is anyone aware what Credit Care requires your credit score to be without having to have a co-signer?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!



Hi I'm Kyle. 19 FTM from mass. pre-op and almost 4 months on hormones. I'm lucky enough to still be living with mom & dad and they are paying for college right now. So with my part-time job as a pizza boy I have nearly enough saved for top surgery. Hopefully that will happen this summer, but then after that I want to start saving for bottom surgery. Even tho it will probably be a while before I can have bottom surgery, I still want to start saving up as soon as possible. So I joined this community to hopefully get some tips on saving up for the next steps in my transition.
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Financing the "Project"

Ever since my divorce in 2001 I have been making ti a habit to by my company's stock every year they offer it. It is a payroll deduction purchase, no options or anything and the price is set usually a month before the subscription time begins which is usually in January. In other words, you wont loose a dime you contribute.

In a short amount of time I accumulated quite a bundle and sold some of this in the process and bought other stocks that grew in price faster than my railroad stock. The old plan is called buy low, sell high. You cash out and move on. I stay away from stocks that are "high fliers" and stick with the tried and true stiff so I tend to shy away from techs and generally things that sound to good to be true.

The bottom line is that you always make more than what you put in, cash out and move on to the next opportunity, It is that simple. Now bear in mind that this takes a little investment in TIME. People think that you can get rich quick in this stuff and you CANNOT!!!

Let me emphasize that , YOU CANNOT!!! It takes time as well as diligence, patience, and a lot of discipline to make any money in a certain amount of time but it can be done, even in a bear market. Because when something is down, there is always going to be something that is going up. Case in point, Gold and oil. One vehicle for doing this is something called an exchange traded fund or ETF. I invested in a gold ETF some time back and cashed out and the payoff was nice but if I had stuck with it, today would be even bigger. Win some, loose some but remember in the end you come out ahead.

Some of you here are wondering, how in the hell can I afford any of what she is talking about? Simple. Crack open a newspaper or surf the Internet and there are thousands of affordable stocks and funds that anyone can start off small with, even if it is only one share. The whole idea is to not only save money but to make money off of what you are saving.

And that, after all is what we are all after. To make some money so we can get done the job that nature forgot to do.

Hope I have been some help